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Therapist reveals the naked truth

Sarah White is a naked therapist. Not spiritually naked, but physically naked: During a one hour session, conducted online, via webcam, she’ll gradually take off her clothes while offering therapy.

White’s new technique garnered worldwide press a few weeks ago, causing cynics to roll their eyes (she’s unlicensed and bases her techniques on tenets she learned as a psychology undergrad student) and others to log on immediately (at sarahwhitelive.com).

White, interviewed via webcam (while fully clothed), insists that her sessions are “no strip show,” and that what she provides is a unique and mind opening experience that can make people feel freer, stronger, happier and healthier.

So who uses the service? “I speak to single men trying to get better at meeting girls, guys that want to know what women want and those that just aren’t comfortable around naked women,” says White. She also gets married men who want to speak to someone other than their wife. “Sometimes these guys are involved in stale relationships and are just curious to find new ways to spice things up.”

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