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These Are The Moments by The Rankin Family

The Rankin Family
Album: These Are The Moments
Label: MapleMusic/Universal
Rating: ** 1/2

The Rankins are all grown up now and seeking an adult contemporary market.

Turning to songwriters like new age pianist Jim Brickman probably isn’t the way to go about it.

The synth and drum collisions in the lead single Breathe Dream Pray Love tend to enhance the frailty in Heather’s vocal delivery, unfairly rendering it to little more than a squeak. The Rankins’ strength lies in the Celtic innocence of their vocal harmonies and the power of Jimmy’s country-tinged songwriting.

The fact that they turned to outside songwriters on two of the six new tracks on this album demonstrates a lack of direction and perhaps, commitment.

Unfortunately, the best material on this 13-track CD are the remixes of older material. These Are The Moments is only really half an album, something to sell to the fans on tour.

The Rankin Family – Never Alone, off of album “These are the Moments”

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