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These are the top dog names of 2017

Odds are this dog is named Max. Photo: ISTOCK

As the year-end lists begin rolling in, can’t forget about the annual roundup of the most popular dog names! Rover.com released data culled from hundreds of thousands of pet parents across all 50 states and found that this year, dog owners drew inspiration from hit TV, the ‘90s and, uh, Ivanka Trump.

When it comes to the top ten female and male dog names, the results are pretty basic, with 44 percent also human names: 

Top 10 boy dog names

“Max” is still happening, the no. 1 name for male dogs again this year, followed by Charlie (a classic), Cooper (“Twin Peaks” or Gary?) Buddy, Jack, Rocky, (getting bored here) Oliver, Bear, Duke (woof) and Tucker (love a good ole boy). 

Top 10 girl dog names

Bella is the crowning favorite this year. After that, we’ve got Lucy, Daisy, Luna, Lola, Sadie, Molly, Maggie, Bailey and Sophie. All right. 

Pop culture inspo

53 percent of dog owners named their pups after characters in TV, film or books. 

The name Atwood, after the author of “The Handmaid’s Tale” which was turned into an acclaimed TV show on Hulu this year, is up 200 percent. The names Barb and Eleven after characters in the streaming favorite “Stranger Things,” are up 182 and 166 percent, respectively.  

‘90s nostalgia

Either dog owners are still rocking out to Nirvana or the bleak state of the world has inspired a trend towards Buddhism, because dogs named Nirvana are up 171 percent. Dogs named after Daria, the one and only, increased by 104 percent. Strong cosign. 


The name Ivanka, after the first daughter, we have to presume, increased 88 percent this year. 

You can see the full list at Rover.com.

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