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These bakeries are turning out next-level cookies

The fashionable dessert these days may be doughtnuts, but the simple pleasures of the cookie cannot be denied. You don’t have to unhinge your jaw to experience all of its flavors in one bite like a cupcake, or commit to utensils for a piece of cake.

Whether these bakeries are turning out crazy innovative flavors or definitive versions of the classics, their cookies are worth the trip.Here’s where we get ourfavorite portable treats.

Before findingSchmackary’s, we avoided the hard, flavorless sweet glaze that commonly passes for “frosting” on cookies. But their cookies are so soft and the frosting so creamy, it’s more like eating a squished cupcake. And the flavors are intense – the Ginger Rogers has us standing and saluting, while the seasonal Funfetti is like the gourmet version of the birthday cake you loved as a kid. Andgood news, Brooklyn, they just expanded to a second location in Williamsburg.

The lines are always out the door at the tinyLevain Bakery, which is the sort of thing you can only get away with when you’ve perfected an already good thing. They serve four classic flavors in giant, chunky clouds of dough that are too much for one person, but there’s just no competitor against the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter. As rich as cheesecake and compulsively delicious, it’s better than a Reese’s cup – trust.

The hype is real, guys. Christina Tosi’s Momofuku-bornMilk Barmay be best known for turning cereal into a portable, Insta-worthy treat, but that’s not the only childhood-inspired treat she’s made over. The gleeful leftover party that is the Compost Cookie tends to steal the spotlight, but we love the simple perfection of their rich, sweet Corn Cookie.

City Cakes serves up more cookie than you can probably handle: half a pound and larger than your hands. They also err on the side of filling here – see the chocolate chip cookie above – but there’s also a can’t-miss red velvet cookie with a filling of cream cheese frosting in the middle.

In a city full of foodie opinions, there’s at least some consensus that Glaser’s Bake Shop on the Upper East Side serves the best black and white cookie: a dense cakelike cookie is barely sweetened, allowing the frosting to shine. Besides NYC’s second best-known dessert, Glaser’s has been making German goodies since opening in 1902, and the classics haven’t faded a bit, and if you want a little bit of everything, the kitchen sink cookie doesn’t disappoint.

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