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These crossword puzzle solvers could help you the next time you’re stuck

Free online crossword puzzle solver

A crossword puzzle solver app could help you out and save you some time and frustration the next time you get stuck trying to find the right crossword solution for your clue.

Most crossword solvers are simple to use and allow you to find the solutions or answers you’re looking for whenever your crossword puzzle becomes tricky. In most cases, crossword puzzle solver apps work the same way. You fill out a field for the clue and the system will search a database for possible solutions. In some cases, the crossword puzzle solver app will scan through thousands of existing crossword puzzles from the past or from syndicated crossword providers and give you a list of possible solutions. From the list of crossword solutions, you’ll be able to see which one fits your puzzle.

Another nifty feature some crossword puzzle solvers have is the ability to set the length of the solution you’re looking for to narrow down the results. For example, if the crossword puzzle answer you’re looking for is only four letters, you filter out the other solutions and only see four-letter word crossword solutions.

In addition to crossword solver websites you can visit to lend you a hand when you’re stumped with a complicated clue, there are also dedicated crossword puzzle solver apps you can use on your iPhone or Android mobile devices. While the price might be free, you may have to spend a little extra to remove ads or use other features in the app.

Here’s a list of free crossword puzzle solver websites and apps you could use if you love playing crossword puzzles.

free online crossword puzzle solver

Online Crossword puzzle solver

Dictionary.com crossword solver

While Dictionary.com is popular when finding the definition for words, the site also has a useful tool for finding crossword puzzle solutions. Simply type in the clue that has you stumped and the system will provide you with several possible crossword puzzle answers. You can also select the length of the word you’re looking for.

The Dictionary.com free crossword puzzle solver is handy and from a reputable source. It combs through thousands of crossword puzzle answers on Dictionary.com and provides a list of possible solutions.

The system will give you a list of solutions with a “confidence” percentage next to it, letting you know how likely it is to be the right solution. 


Wordplays crossword solver

Wordplays.com is a free crossword puzzle solver that is just as helpful as Dictionary.com but has a few more features. Wordplays.com lets you enter a crossword clue, set the number of letters or pattern and the system will search thousands of different crossword puzzles and provide a list of different answers that are ranked by accuracy. Unlike Dictionary.com Wordplays.com also provides help for other popular word games such as Scrabble, Words With Friends, Word Search and Cryptogram. 


Crossword puzzle solver apps

When it comes to iPhone and Android apps there are several to choose from to help you solve crossword puzzles.


The Crossword & Anagram Solver

Across Lite Crosswords


Crossword Clue Solver

Crossword Solver II

These crossword puzzle solver tools can help you the next time you get stumped. They aren’t 100 percent accurate, but they do provide several possible solutions to crossword puzzles found online and in daily newspapers.