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These pet-parent life hacks will simplify your whole existence

Pet hacks

My cats are my kids. Wait, wait! Hear me out. I love my furry little jerks, but sometimes taking care of them is a hassle (that I’ll gladly take) when life gets busy. And those are cats! Dogs typically require more attention than their feline counterparts, so we’re offering up these five hacks to make pet parenthood easier.


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Doggy breath is not the same delight as puppy breath.

While you’re cooking, break off a sprig of parsley for stinky mouthed Spot. Petnet, a provider of personalized pet care, suggests sprinkling your pet’s food with the antimicrobial herb. Parsley also has been credited with strengthening immunity.

And parsley is a barely-any-calorie food for your doggo to enjoy. For more treats your pet will enjoy without packing on pounds, check out Animal Planet host Travis Brorsen’s low-cal list.

Share your jar of coconut oil.

According to Petnet, putting coconut oil on your dog’s fur, especially if your pup is prone to dry skin, is a great idea and can be used to soothe skin and heal rashes.

However, I’m slightly skeptical since I doubt the oil would stay on your pet’s skin long enough to have any benefits before he laps it up. Before a Saturday night out, I use coconut oil on my legs and have to dash out the door before being harassed by my aforementioned kitties. (I’m making them sound like real jerks. Sorry, Itchy and Chula!)


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Use rubber gloves for cleaning.

If you have a pet, chances are — no matter how hard you try — your life is covered in fur. Pet hair is a condiment in your house, but your guests might prefer some spicy mustard, so clean up dog hair with a rubber glove, Petnet says.

Just wet the glove and run it over your couch, blankets, clothes or carpet for easy hair removal.


Make time for playtime.

Life gets busy. Sometimes “busy” is life’s natural state of being. But look at your dog’s face (go ahead, we’ll wait). That’s a face that says, “Play with me!”

If you need to study, blog, look up Thanksgiving recipes or binge watch Netflix (OK, maybe not a need, but a very it-could-happen possibility), tether a rope toy around your foot. Your dog can pull and pull while your hands are free to turn pages, knit or pop some bonbons a là Peggy Bundy.


Be a sneaky but responsible pet parent by squeezing some enzymatic doggy toothpaste on the rope first. It’s never been easier to “brush” your dog’s teeth!

Slow down, buddy!

My cats are like their mom (that’s me): They eat too quickly. If your dog devours her food in seconds, put a ball in her bowl or something else that she’d have to eat around.

No tummy upset or puke stains on your carpet! Mazel.


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