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These six TV shows are leaving Netflix this month

Netflix TV Shows Private Practice

Is there any better remedy to a stressful workday or spat with your partner or roomies than, well, Netflix and chilling? Okay, throw in some fro yo, crank the AC and light a few candles, and we’re in TV-streaming heaven. Like every month, it’s time to say goodbye to some hits in the massive Netflix library, and we’re afraid it’s time to bid adieu to the following. Netflix and binge on the following hits before it’s too late:

Private Practice
Seasons 1-6 (June 6)

Bob the Builder
Season 1 (June 14)

Seasons 1-8 (June 29)

Killer Couples
Season 1 (June 30)

Killer in the Family
Season 1 (June 30)

Murder Files
Season 1 (June 30)


Bummed? Us too. Well, cue up the “CSI” power session and, if you can, find time to wedge in a power viewing of the 2001 John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale classic “Serendipity,” which also departs the Netflix universe tomorrow, June 1.

On the bright side though, if you’re feeling down, there’s the arrival of some new original Netflix comedy to perk you right back up: Check out Oh, Hello on Broadway on June 13th and Rory Scovel Tries Stand-Up for the First Time on June 20th. In addition to these LOL-inducing standouts, we’re looking forward to the June arrivals of some more incredible movies and TV shows. “Orange Is the New Black” returns for its fifth season, and we’re also stoked for the arrival of “GLOW,” a new Netflix original series that’s a riff on the popular but short-lived show from the 1980s, and it stars Alison Brie. See Netflix’s trailer below for more on what’s coming and leaving your favorite streaming service:


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