Rick and Morty
Get ready 'Rick and Morty' fans. Photo via @rickmobile / Twitter

After making stops in New York City on Thursday and Friday, the Rickmobile will ship up to Boston for a special appearance this weekend.

The traveling tribute to Adult Swim’s hit animated series “Rick and Morty” will take over Newbury Street right in front of The Hempest cannabis clothing store on Saturday, May 20, from 1 to 4 p.m. The Boston appearance will be the Rickmobile’s only stop in New England during its cross-country Don’t Even Trip Road Trip tour before heading to Philadelphia on Tuesday, May 23.

If you’re not familiar with the show and its cult-like following, it’s pretty out there. The series stars voice actor Justin Roiland as both the insane, alcoholic scientist Rick and his woefully naïve grandson Morty, who usually end up on some freaky adventures around the multiverse.

Beyond getting chuckles from fans of adult cartoons, “Rick and Morty” has seeped into the cultural mainstream in a variety of ways, including influencing a food craze when it name-dropped McDonald's 1998, “Mulan”-inspired Szechuan sauce in an episode.

In addition to bringing to town a massive vehicle with a nightmare-inducing, drooling homage to Rick, the mobile will also have plenty of merchandise that fans can get their hands on. Everything from posters and hats to aluminum spaceships and monopoly sets will be up for grabs.

If the Rickmobile’s previous stops are any indication, make sure to head over to Newbury Street early if you want an up close look or some swag.

If you go:

May 20, 1 p.m. – 4p.m., The Hempest, 301 Newbury St., Boston, adultswim.com/promos/rickmobile

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