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These aren't your average hot dogs. Photo Provided

Think kosher is the fanciest a hot dog can get? Not quite, as these Boston restaurant offerings certainly win best dressed. With Fourth of July on the horizon, many people will be grilling up classic American meats like the good old frank. Move over mustard and ketchup and make way for aiolis and artisanal buns, as these area options take the ordinary and turn it into something one of a kind.


Go Parisian with this saucisson at the award-winning Menton in downtown Boston. Modern French is the name of the game here, including two-to-three course tasting menus for those who want to try it all. The Foie Gras Frankfurter, available on their Gold Bar menu, takes what is usually luxurious meat and brings it down to earth in this handheld goody. Served with green-almond ketchup, green mustard, and chips, this hotdog is one you won’t forget anytime soon.

$24, 354 Congress St., Boston,



Brats, kielbasa, and so many other wursts dominate the menu at this German beer garden and tavern. And fret not, bun lovers, as the Brondog pork and beef frankfurter is a Bavarian take on the classic chili dog. Comté cheese serves as a condiment along with the necessary ketchup and mustard.

$12, 255 Washington St., Somerville,

Zaftigs Delicatessen

Even the pickiest eaters can find something delicious on Zaftigs huge menu, with the Grilled Knockwurst representing sausages from the many selections. Seared to perfection and served on a New England bulkie roll, this one crosses the line between hotdog and sandwich. Still, the fact that it’s sausage and meat and topped with loads of sauerkraut means the Knockwurst can earn a spot on our list.[tab]

$10.95, 335 Harvard St., Brookline,

Munch Mobile Kitchen

On-the-go creations from Munch Mobile food truck should do the trick for those wanting some sensibly upscale cuisine. Munchers can locate this itinerant restaurant on the website’s schedule, but venues like Night Shift Brewery and Thursday’s at MGH are generally steadfast in the calendar. Simply named the “Hot Dog,” Munch Mobile has grills up an all-beef frank that will get your taste buds screaming with its Korean inspired bok choy kimchi and sharp cheddar pimento cheese. Micro-arugula acts as a garnish as the entire sausage is placed on a toasted brioche bun.

$10, various locations,

Worden Hall

You may just win the culinary exacta with the two hot dog offerings at this horse track-themed eatery. Located in South Boston, Worden Hall serves delectable new-American cuisine with an especially exciting lineup of “spuckie” sandwiches. Find the franks under the “short bites” section, with the Kobe Beef Chi Town Dog featuring ultra tender Wagyu beef, sriracha infused mustard and a napa-style slaw. Or try the spicy Chorizo Dog served with queso and potatoes.


$8, 22 West Broadway, South Boston,

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