lobster rolls
These lobster rolls are huge. Photo Provided

Local seafood lovers are in for a feast thanks to this Boston restaurant's massive offering of lobster rolls.


Legal Sea Food'will unveil its colossal lobster roll at Legal Harborside on Friday night and it's a meal fit for a king. The off-menu item features meat from a 2.5 pound lobster that's been poached, dressed with tarragon creme fraiche and served in a brioche bun, topped with shaved summer truffles. The giant-sized portion of crustcean also comes with a side of truffle fries.


The colossal lobster rolls are pretty pricey though, as each order will cost $59.


If you're a big lobster fan, you'll love our new Colossal Lobster Roll. We're featuring just 5 a night at Legal Harborside, Floor 2. [meat from a 2.5 lb #lobster, poached, dressed with tarragon creme fraiche, in a homemade brioche bun, topped with shaved summer #truffles] #bostonusa #bosfeed #lobsterroll


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The new dish is intended to be a very limited offering, as only five orders will be served per night. The feast will available at either the bar or in the dining room of Legal Harborside.

The colossal lobster rolls will be quite the exclusive meal due to its off-menu status, meaning diners will have to put in special requests in order to get one.

If you go:

Legal Harborside, 270 Northern Ave., Boston, $59, legalseafoods.com