Jim Jeffries
Jim Jeffries is shipping up to Boston to close out 2017. Photo by Getty Images

After everything that went down this year, a lot of people are more than ready to say goodbye to 2017. Jim Jefferies isn't one of them.


The past 12 months have been pretty good to the stand-up star, who launched his new late-night show on Comedy Central to the delight of fans over the summer. Now, Jefferies is coming back to town for three nights at the Wilbur Theatre to ring in 2018.


Ahead of his shows in Boston, we caught up with the Australian comic to talk about his New Year's resolutions,  why he loves the Hub and, of course, Donald Trump's impact on the world of comedy.


How excited are you to be performing in Boston to close out 2017?


I’m very excited. I closed out New Year’s in Boston last year - I did the same gig and had such a great time, I requested to do the dates again. Also, my second to last special was recorded in Boston at the Wilbur because the Wilbur was the very first theater I sold out when I came to America. So, the Wilbur and Boston crowds have a very special place in my heart.


How does Boston compare to other big comedy towns like New York and Los Angeles?

There’s not a real difference, to be honest. A good crowd is a good crowd. Boston has a rich comedy history with comedians such as Denis Leary, Dane Cook and Bill Burr, and the Boston people have a very natural sense of humor - meeting someone from Boston always feels like talking to my comedian friends.

Considering everything that's been going on in the world, 2017 seemed like a wild year. Are you glad that it's coming to a close?

To be honest, 2017 has been pretty good to me. I’m really enjoying doing my TV show and I’m looking forward to having a great Christmas with my son. I understand why many people didn’t enjoy 2017 and I guess the worst thing to happen was Donald Trump, but he was the best thing for comedy.

But with everything going on with Trump, comedians getting criticized for their jokes, etc., has the current political climate made it harder for comics to do what they do?

I do believe political correctness is at an all time high and doing comedy at the moment is more difficult than ever but that is the challenge of being a comedian. You’re always trying to push the boundaries but if the goal post moves you have to move with it.

Do you have any fun resolutions for the New Year?

I have the same resolution as every year – try not to be a c--t.

Aside from touring for stand-up and your Comedy Central show, do you have any other fun projects you're excited to work on in 2018?

Not really, the TV show and stand up take all my time. The project I work on every year is being the best single dad I can be.

If you go:

Dec. 29-31, Wilbur Theatre, 246 Tremont St., Boston, $51.95+, thewilbur.com