Riley MFA Do
Meet Riley, the MFA's newest staff member. Photo by Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

There's a new pup on patrol at the Museum of Fine Arts.


Earlier this week, the Boston museum introduced its newest—and furriest—staff member, Riley. The 12-week-old Weimaraner puppy has a pretty important job, as he's been enlisted by the MFA as its new bug-detecting dog.


According to the Boston Globe, Riley will help sniff out pests that can damage the MFA's extensive art collection, ranging from textiles and woods to other types of organic materials. Riley will also be tasked with making sure that new additions to the museum aren't hiding any pesky critters.


"Weimaraners are incredibly smart and have a powerful sense of smell, which is what makes Riley perfect for his new volunteer role," says Katie Getchell, chief brand officer and deputy director at the MFA.


Donning an adorable vest, Riley made his MFA debut to much fanfare at a press conference on Wednesday afternoon, where he greeted the press and posed for pictures. 


Before Riley officially starts his volunteer duties as a working scent dog for the museum's pest detection team, he'll undergo some puppy training to get used his new surroundings. Bugs beware, because this cute pooch will be on the case behind the scenes.

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