An exclusive L.A. sex club is now enticing New Yorkers to bare all.

Snctm, pronounced “sanctum,” has been throwing exclusive sex parties for five years, and though the galas are known for their fetish vibe and lingerie-clad women, founder Damon Lawner insists his parties are about more than getting down and dirty.

“It’s not about sex,” he told the New York Post. “There is certainly a lot of sex here and I love sex. Sex is beautiful, but it’s about conversation, about all us as individuals and to explore that together.”


Lawner characterizes his Snctm parties as erotic theater, where guests gather for live sex shows and engage in orgies. He brought the blowout to a luxury Manhattan penthouse last weekend where about 100 guests Lawner described as the “masters of the universe” frolicked and played.

“I’m impressed by our membership … they are people who are designing the machines that we use — the cars, the computers, they make the movies that we watch.”

Men pay $1,500 to $1,875 to attend a single party, or for a cool $75,000 a year, they can buy a VIP membership that includes admission to all parties, access to private rooms and unlimited Cristal champagne, the Post reported.

Women, who outnumber the men about three to one, pay nothing.

In her blog, GOOP, Gwyneth Paltrow gave Snctm the stamp of approval for its women-centered, consent-focused appeal.

But if price point isn’t enough to keep you out, the vetting process might — after all, it’s a “highly curated crowd.”

“Beauty has a lot to do with it,” Lawner told the Post. “The aesthetics of the people that we allow into our club is very important to us.”

Guests and members go through a “lengthy” admissions process.

Lawner says he wants to roll his parties out to as many cities as he can — though he said he plans to “go slow.”

If you’re into this kind of thing, you can check out Snctm’s next NYC sex party on May 12 — if you make the cut, that is. 


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