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There is still time to register for Summer Term Session 2 classes: July 5–August 12

Call 617-353-5124 or visit bu.edu/summer.

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<p>Boston University Summer Term is the premier summer study program in the Northeast, offering high-quality undergraduate and graduate courses in a broad range of academic subjects. Summer Session 2 features a condensed six-week schedule—which includes evening courses—allowing you to pursue your academic goals along with your usual summer activities. Summer Term’s open-enrollment policy makes it easy to enhance professional credentials, broaden career options, satisfy prerequisites for bachelor’s or master’s degrees, or focus on a particular topic of interest.</p>
<p><b>Extensive Choices</b></p>
<p>You’ll find hundreds of courses in over 75 subjects, with abundant offerings in business, languages, math, science, social sciences, and pre-law. We also have many summer courses that focus on core areas of pre-health sciences, such as biology, chemistry, and physics.</p>
<p><b>Professional Development</b></p>
<p>Whether your field is education, communication, project management, or computer science, Summer Term is an opportunity to improve professional skills and learn new principles.</p>
<p><b>Personal Enrichment</b></p>
<p>Exercise your imagination and hone your critical-thinking skills—we offer a wide range of courses in the visual arts, film and television, music, literature, history and art history, and writing.</p>
<p><b>Pre-College Programs</b></p>
<p>High school students who want to experience life on a college campus can still enroll in Summer Challenge and Summer Preview. This summer, we’re also introducing three online courses for high school students.</p>
<p><b>Boston University</b> Summer Term</p>
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