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This is Sox-Yankees?

It’s only April, but this feels weird.

Today’s the Red Sox’ home opener against the Yankees. That means it’s baseball season, with two of the best teams in the league going at it.

So isn’t it a little off that …

– Today’s starting pitchers have a combined ERA of 33.34?

– There’s still a decided chill in the air?

– These two AL East juggernauts are a combined 4-8? (Granted, this is not the Yankees’ fault.)

– The Baltimore Orioles are in first place, and the Toronto Blue Jays are tied for second?

– Exactly one member of The Greatest Red Sox Lineup Ever Assembled is hitting better than .232?

– Bobby Jenks has been Boston’s only good reliever?

– A 66-year-old Jorge Posada has hit more home runs than any Yankee not nicknamed “Tex”?

– Joba Chamberlain is pitching like a real, live major leaguer?

Early-season baseball is weird and frightening to me. Wake me up in June.

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