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This is why #OrlandoBloom is trending

This is why #OrlandoBloom is trending
VCG/VCG via Getty Images

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry’s couples getaway to Italy has the internet heating up. The A-list couple was photographed gallivanting on the beach, kissing and putting on sunscreen together — all the standard cute-couple PDA — but Orlando chose to bare all.

The New York Daily News published the exclusive (though censored) nude photos on Tuesday of a naked Bloom paddleboarding behind Perry, and the photos immediately went viral.

Though leaving little left to the imagination, the censored snaps were clearly not enough for the insatiable masses taking Twitter by storm, calling for uncensored versions almost as soon as the Daily News pics were published. The ravenous fans had their prayers answered this morning as uncensored versions (inevitably) leaked.

An invasion of privacy, perhaps? But the Twitterverse has no qualms about it.