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This smart suitcase wants to solve all your travel dilemmas

As the carousel at the airport luggage terminal begins to spin, you wait with a hundred other tired passengers for your suitcase. Your phone is dead, you’ve just gotten off a red-eye, and you want to leave as soon as possible. There it is! Just as you’ve grabbed the handle, another hand reaches out. Turns out, you’ve grabbed the wrong suitcase.

A company called Raden wants to be the solution to this issue — and other unexpected technology woes — with their new line of sleek, chic smart luggage. It’s not quite the first of its kind, but Raden most recently raised $3.5 million in seed funding to grow their bluetooth-powered suitcases, with the hopes/expectations of becoming as seamless in the lives of consumers as Fitbit or Apple.

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Each suitcase, ranging $295 for a carry-on to $395 for checked bag, creates its own network with low energy Bluetooth and allows owners to track the location of their bags through an iOS app. Not only will they alert owners when their bags are coming around the luggage carousel, they can provide the weight of suitcase and charge external devises via two built-in USB ports. There’s a pop-out battery that powers the whole operation, which, according to the brand, ”passed all relevant regulatory certifications and testing standards for travel and battery powered electronics.”

Now if only it had a mini bar…

Bags can be ordered atRaden.com.

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