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Thompson took the wrong approach

City Comptroller Bill Thompson was an underdog candidate for mayor, but some political watchers say there are a few mistakes he and his campaign made even though he came within a few points of topping Michael Bloomberg last night:

1 Too late getting started.
“It wasn’t until early last summer that Thompson put together a campaign team,” said Doug Muzzio of Baruch College. “By that time Bloomberg had already spent tens
of millions of dollars and hired away some of
the best Democratic consultants.”

2 Was unknown, still is unknown.

“You need to create your own image before your opponent can create your image,” political
consultant Joe Mercurio said.

3 Wrong attack.
Thompson focused on term limits and Bloomberg’s wealth. He should have said how he would handle unemployment and the foreclosure crisis, said Mercurio, noting the mayor’s riches reassured some voters who thought it showed that he could not be bought.

4 Not raising enough money.
Thompson’s campaign should have used the Internet to attract more small donors, Mercurio said. Each small amount would be matched by New York City public financing.

5 Not spending enough money.
Yes, Bloomberg’s personal wealth is intimidating. But Mercurio thinks if Thompson had spent $20 million to $25 million, instead of $6 million, he could have beat Bloomberg.

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