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Thornberry Woods’ French twist

Traditional French elegance melds with a few modern twists at Thornberry Woods.

The development, located in Maple on Dufferin Street just north of Rutherford Road, looks to please homebuyers looking for detached homes that offer both refinement and comfort.

Alex Margulis, founder of Neodeco Designs which designed the model suites on the site, says the overriding goal with the design was to capture a spirit of freshness and drama while maintaining a sense of traditional grandeur.

“We wanted to create a design vocabulary to create a dramatic, contemporary look. Everything had to have a twist; everything had to be different. It is classic French elegance with a little twist of the contemporary,” Margulis said.

Both model suites are appointed with an impressive list of attractive embellishments and features. Crown moulding provides a subtle, elegant touch and circular open oak staircases create a regal look magnified by the 12-foot and 9-foot high ceilings in the main living areas while strip hardwood flooring and decorative columns strengthen the message of finely tuned luxury.

Shades of delicate creams and soft pastels provide an undercurrent of warmth throughout to provide a spirit of peaceful harmony.

“The textures are beautiful and we try to flow the fabric colour scheme throughout the house,” Margulis said.

The Maplewood unit features a warmer mix of aquamarines, teals and gold shades ornamented with classically elegant furniture while the Rosewood unit features a striking union of deep cappuccino with creams and beiges to create a more pronounced reaction.

“I wanted to create two different ambiances — one for people who want more of a soft look and one for young people with a contemporary look,” Margulis said.

The master bedroom in the Rosewood unit is Margulis’ showpiece and features a cavalcade of silk, mirrored silver surfaces and arabesque textures subtly reminiscent of a sultan’s tent.

By combining classic and modern influences, Margulis hopes the majesty of each unit will resonate with buyers on a primal level.

“I want people to really be excited to walk through the doors of these suites — to believe they could be living in these spaces,” Margulis said.