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Thoughts on Archie’s possible marriage

A Riverdale love triangle could be broken once and for all as a comic book icon has apparently made a decision that’ll change the town forever.

After decades of indecision, Archie Andrews is said to have a marriage proposal ready in an upcoming issue for black-haired heiress Veronica Lodge, thus choosing her over blonde beauty Betty Cooper.

“I thought it was a little strange. I mean, I don’t want Archie to get married — it ruins all the fun,” said Todd Miyagishima, an employee of Another Dimension, a Calgary comic-book store.

Occasional comic book-reading Calgarian Bryce McWilliams said Archie will regret his choice since Veronica is a little on the nasty side.

“Archie deserves a nice lady,” McWilliams said.

Miyagishima said financial security is at the root of Andrews’ upcoming decision, while McWilliams said it’s for the simple reason that “Veronica is hotter.”

Both Miyagishima and McWilliams agreed Betty could yet win Archie’s heart in the end.

“Betty will win out. Archie will show his love for Betty at the wedding,” McWilliams said.

Reports say Archie will be wed by mid-summer.

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