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Three green inventions to keep your eye on

Green is everywhere. There is not one day where you don’t see a green message. And there is now a very lucrative market for green inventions. From simple devices to major discoveries. Here are four inventions that may change our future.

Trees are very important for our air quality. But is there enough left on the planet? A researcher invented a synthetic tree that can get rid of CO2. Klaus Lackner, from Columbia University in New York speak on how is invention works?

The leafs are made from a plastic material that absorbs CO2 when it is dry and releases it again when it is moist. Standing in the wind the sorbent material loads up with CO2, it is then transferred into a chamber, from which the air can be removed.

Xerox is working on an erasable paper that can be used multiple times. Bill McKee, of the public relations at Xerox Canada talks about the erasable paper. How is it possible to create erasable paper?

The paper itself is just real paper, with a very thin coating of chemicals that contain light activated molecules. We pass it through a printer with an ultraviolet light bar that changes the colour of the pixels. The molecules change colour with the UV light and then through heat, erases everything on the page.

French company Ciments Calcia is proposing an anti-pollution concrete. Project manager Olivier Fourcault talks to us about it. How can you make anti-pollution concrete?

The concrete doesn’t absorb the pollution but it decomposes pollutant gases by chemical reactions produced by ultraviolet rays. We need to find other ways to get better air quality. By finding antipollution coating for frontage. And why not try to find solutions for interior pollution.

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