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Three reasons why Floyd Mayweather Jr. beat Manny Pacquiao

Was the "Fight of the Century" prematurely dubbed?
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Pacquiao couldn’t build on his solid middle rounds

During the fourth round there was hope that Manny Pacquiao could end Floyd Mayweather’s run as unbeaten champion. The scrappy Filipinolanded some solid blows. A few jabs and a cross seemed to surprise the typically elusive Mayweather, who responded with a few shakes of the head as in , ‘no, you didn’t hurt me.’

Pacquiao was aggressive in the fourth after feeling out boxing’s richest bad boy during the first three rounds. It was encouraging for the 16,000 fans, who packed Las Vegas’ MGM Grand, many of whom rooting loudly for the underdog. Pacquiao boxed Mayweather into a corner a few times and appeared that he just might have solved the Mayweather puzzle.

Mayweather was never trulyvuerable

By the seventh round it was obvious that Pacquiao’s fourth round burst was the anomaly of a 12-round fight dominated by Mayweather. The wise 38-year old, who still has considerable spring in his step, was as calculated as ever. His plan was executed perfectly. Mayweather was never vulnerable.

He stayed away but attacked like a cobra when he had the chance. He outpunched Pacquiao and outsmarted him. Mayweather appears as quick as ever, especially during the late rounds. He utilized a rope a dope at times. Pacquiao didn’t come close to hurting Mayweather.

Pacquiao couldn’t adapt

During the last two rounds, when it was obvious to everyone but Pacquiao’s camp, it was time to go right at Mayweather to try and steal the richest bout ever. However, Pacquiao was content to just box with him as if he was ahead on points. It was inexplicable. Pacquiao had to do some serious damage but elected to not take any chances and just take a fortune home. When asked for his thoughts right after the fight ended, the 36-year-old pugilist said that he thought he won the battle. But his proclamation was less than convincing since Mayweather clearly won ten of the twelve rounds by fighting like he has for 18 brilliant years. You can’t touch the champion, who was loudly booed in his hometown.

Fans may not be down with Mayweather’s opulent lifestyle and domestic abuse but he reminded everyone that he is the finest boxer of this generation after beating Pacquiao for the welterweight world championship with a unanimous decision. He is under contract for one more fight and hinted from the ring that the next one may be his last bout. If he wins that contest, he ties Rocky Marciano’s incredible 49-0 record.

Will he try to eclipse that mark or will he be content as an idle but incredibly rich man? Mayweather left the fight with at least nine figures and hardly a mark on his well-sculpted body.

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