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Tiffany Trump played and Instagrammed about an anti-Trump card game

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Tiffany Trump played another game of Fun With Passive Aggression on social media this week, this time by playing an actual game: The first daughter posted an Instagram story of her with a card game that isn’t super-nice to her father: Trumped-Up Cards.

On Tuesday, Tiffany posted the story of her and a friend in a coffee shop posing with Trumped-Up Cards, a game in which players gently skewer her dad. The game’s box reads: “A reality TV star in the White House? If you’re ready to laugh liberally in the wake of this unpresidented outcome, then grab a copy of what many people are calling the World’s Biggest Deck. Trumped Up Cards is a satirical card game where reality collides with alternative facts and everyone wins! (Except the haters and the losers.)”

How do you play Trumped-Up Cards?

According to Elite Daily, the game is similar to Cards Against Humanity: Each card has a fill-in-the-blank prompt that encourages players to come up with humorous answers. Some of the categories include “Alternative Facts,” “Astonishingly Excellent Wealthcare” and “Many Sides.” There’s also an expansion pack called “Nepotism.”

The game’s Amazon listing notes that it comprises “550 cards printed on premium linen card stock, in China, by our amazing allies who are helping us with the North Korea problem,” is “beautifully footnoted with real facts, quotes, and stats from the dishonest and disgusting news media,” and comes in a “spectacular golder-than-average box.” Trumped-Up Cards has earned an average rating of 4.3 out of five stars on Amazon, although even some rave reviews have caveats: “We had to stop playing after 10 rounds because it was too depressing,” wrote one reviewer. “It’s supposed to be sarcastic, but it is all too realistic.”

Tiffany didn’t have much to say about the game or give a play-by-play in subsequent Instagram stories. Her only text on her original photo was “Games + Milkshakes!”

Trumped-Up Cards told Elite Daily it was flattered by the product placement, because Tiffany has long been their favorite Trump. “We’ve always considered Tiffany the crown jewel in President Trump’s beautiful portfolio of children, and are delighted to see her enjoying Trumped Up Cards,” a spokesperson said.