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Time Magazine’s Person of the Year, 2014: Ebola fighters

Time Magazine

Time Magazine announced its annual “Person of the Year” today, and it’s perhaps the best choice the publication could have made: The Ebola fighters – the nurses, doctors and volunteers from around the world who put their lives on the line to fight the deadly virus.

The worst outbreak in the history of the disease began a year ago with patient zero, two-year-old Emile Ouamouno from Guinea. The disease spread to his immediate family, the health workers treating them, and so on until it spread through several countries in West Africa.

American Ebola paranoia reached its peak in the fall of this year when several health workers in the U.S. contracted the disease while treating patients in West Africa, or the single patient who came to the United States after contracting the disease in West Africa.

All three of those American health workers have fully recovered.

Currently Ebola is still being wrestled with by health workers in several West African countries, but has yet to spread outside these countries.

Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” honor doesn’t necessarily mean that person was the best at what they do, or even if they had the most positive impact on society. In fact the magazine has picked some pretty questionable people and/or things in the past: Hitler, the Computer (1982) and Stalin (twice!). The title recognizes the contributions – for good or ill – that person or people had on society.

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