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Timothy Sykes: 3 Companies revolutionizing the world

Facebook is one of the companies Timothy Sykes thinks is a safe bet. Credit: Getty Images Facebook is one of the companies Timothy Sykes thinks is a safe bet.
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There are millions of companies in the world, but only a precious few are truly revolutionary and disruptive. It’s good to know about these fast-growing companies to learn from what they’re doing right and what the world loves right now.

Company #1: Facebook

Over a billion people use the world’s most popular social networking website and despite its popularity, Facebook has just begun monetizing and building out their premium less-child-like applications, especially their mobile apps. Over the next few years, they will release an incredible number of tools and functionality that will continue impacting the vast majority of the civilized world and while some may call it silly, there’s no denying their cultural significance and impact.

Facebook teaches other companies and investors that popularity and keeping your customers/users happy and engaged means everything, even if that means sacrificing short-term revenues and profits. They also risked a lot by focusing on mobile growth and now it’s paying off big-time.

Company #2: Uber

Uber, a mobile-phone application with their own fleet of upscale taxicabs, has launched in over 70 cities and made life infinitely easier for business travelers and all those looking for a faster and more efficient way to hail a ride and pay via credit card. Some cities have tried to fight Uber’s entry, but despite the resistance Uber has flourished.

Uber teaches us that a simple solution to an every day problem can quickly become worth tens of billions of dollars as Uber was just recently valued at $18 billion all within a few year since their founding. Despite having many critics, Uber’s future is even more exciting given that they save and analyze all their ride-sharing data and have begun venturing into the delivery business putting them directly in competition with UPS and Amazon.

Company #3: Tesla

Tesla has single-handedly popularized electric cars and vehicles as their cars are top-rated by the automotive press and they’ve brought their prices down enough to make them very well liked and accessible by the mainstream public. The car business is notoriously difficult and yet Tesla has dodged landmines and navigated their path to success.

After five years of losses, Tesla just recently became profitable and more exciting to their future is their upcoming “Gigafactory”, a multi-billion dollar investment in an attempt to provide cheaper battery packs for their electric vehicles that should disrupt the multi-billion dollar battery industry.

Things I Liked:

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2. Capri & Positano aren’t as popular as Rome, Florence & Venice for tourists, but they should be – both towns are absolutely stunning!

3. Stocks are back to hitting all-time highs, be careful, but this price action is amazing and there are amazing uptrending charts everywhere!


The Ice Bucket Challenge has gone viral and raised tens of millions of dollars for a good cause. The end justifies the means.


President Obama condemned the beheading of journalist James Foley and then played golf right afterwards, very insensitive.

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