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Timothy Sykes: 3 critical characteristics to have in 2015

Timothy Sykes

To maximize your financial and career goals, consider implementing these characteristics that have helped me transform my business and my life these past few years. Everyone wants to be rich and successful, but what are you willing to do to achieve your goals? Here are three attributes I have had success with:

Characteristic #1: Brutal honesty
In a world that keeps becoming more and more fake, brutal honesty cuts through all the BS and is a clear differentiator in 2015. Full transparency and admitting that you’re not perfect go a long way to helping your career blossom mainly because so few people are willing to share everything, the good, the bad and the ugly. Besides being good financially speaking, it’s just a lot less stressful to live honestly and transparently, heck I even post my tax returns online so people can see how much money I make.

Characteristic #2: Ambition
There’s no time better than the present to be ambitious. The Internet and its related apps open up amazing new opportunities that didn’t exist just a few years ago. Even if you know nothing about technology, you just have to research feverishly and think about common problems that people have and how they can be solved by technology or ideally a website. If you have to create technology to solve a problem, that’s great, but that rules me and pretty much every other non-engineer out while websites are very easy to create and if you’re ambitious enough to try, try and try again, it’s almost inevitable that you will find a subject people will love. Remember, I was just a penny stock trader for over a decade until I was featured on TV and had the bright idea to start a website and charge money for my stock market knowledge, if I can make millions doing that, you can make millions on any topic you’re an expert in whatsoever.

Characteristic #3: Flexibility
Despite the Internet’s massive opportunity, your first idea, or maybe even second or third or fourth might not be a huge hit. Sometimes you must fail over and over and over, learning what not to do in business and in life before you find success. Being flexible and adaptable to refine your passion and your projects until you make them perfect is what’s most needed in today’s world. Too often people fail once or twice and give up entirely, even if they were getting close to success or were on the right track. Don’t be so rigid, success and achieving your goals is not black or white, there are many shades of gray in between and by being flexible and adapting in the pursuit of success will help you get there eventually.

Things I Liked:

1.The NFL playoff controversies, nothing spices up sports entertainment like deflated footballs and overtime comebacks.

2.One of my international students just passed $300,000 in profits in just a few years thus proving people can make money using my teachings from anywhere in the world.

3.The price of oil just keeps dropping, now it’s even cheaper for me to drive my Lamborghini!


The success of American Sniper is surprising many with just how patriotic our nation is, God bless America!


Several forex brokers have gone bust due to their clients using too much leverage the past few weeks, stop using leverage!

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