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Timothy Sykes: 3 goals to set in 2015

Timothy Sykes
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Just because I’m a millionaire doesn’t mean that I don’t constantly strive to do better in my finances, career and health. You can never get too comfortable with your life or else you shutdown. Here are three worthwhile goals for 2015:

Goal #1: Be charitable
It’s not just about giving money; you can also give your time to helping others. I’ve made more money than I could ever spend – and trust me I’ve tried spending money on fast cars, jets, mansions and trips around the world – so this year I’ll be focusing on giving away more of my money than I have in the past. I already have a scholarship in my name at my college and have donated several thousand dollars to various charities, but this year I plan on giving away $2 million, which is not an easy thing to do because I’m not just giving it away randomly. When being charitable, you must choose worthy causes and thanks to websites like Charity Navigator, we can evaluate various charities based on their effectiveness. I understand most people can’t afford to give away millions in their lifetime, let alone in one year, but giving some of what you do have to those who are less fortunate is a worthwhile goal to set for yourself.
Goal #2: Be meticulous
In the past few years, I’ve noticed a trend that people are becoming lazier and lazier thanks to the rapid evolution of entertainment and technology. You must strive to be more meticulous in your studies and work and focus on not being distracted by the fast-growing world around you. I’ve made my fortune, and taught several of my millionaire students to make their fortunes from hardly anything, by being a hard and dedicated worker and when there’s a question I don’t understand, I meticulously research until I find the answer and am thoroughly satisfied. This is a crazy personality trait of mine, but it’s served me well in life and I encourage you to do likewise so you’ll enjoy similar success.
Goal #3: Get ambitious
No matter what your passion is, you should always strive to be the absolute best in the world. I know that sounds crazy, but it’s not. There’s a popular trend going around that mediocrity is acceptable and I’m here to tell you it’s not. Yes, I’m one of those annoying millionaire perfectionists and while I’ve done well in my own life, my new focus is making the lives of others better with my eccentric yet effective teachings. Be ultra-ambitious in 2015, dream big and go after those big dreams with passion you never knew you were capable of. Trust me, no matter who you are, you ARE capable of achieving great things if you put your mind to it – don’t let anybody tell you any differently.
Things I Liked:
1.Mitt Romney bowing out of the presidential race, glad he could accept his low odds of victory so early this time around.
2.Ben Affleck and Matt Damon took responsibility on Jimmy Kimmel’s show for the infamous Patriots football deflating, glad we got that solved!
3.The U.S. stock market indices dropped 3-5% in January, Good! I need some time off after a record 2014.

Shake Shack became a publicly traded stock this week and is now worth nearly $2 billion, each location valued at nearly 10x that of a McDonald’s location.
A JetBlue flight narrowly avoided a midair collision, that’s scary!
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