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Timothy Sykes: 3 Holiday gifts that are worth the money


What do you get that special someone with all your hard earned money? As a multi-millionaire my family and friends have gotten used to my spoiling them a bit too much, but even if you’re not rich, you can get the best gifts for your loved ones. Here are three that are worth the money.

Gift #1: Khan Academy
Khan Academy is a website with thousands of video lessons on every subject and the best part about it is that it is 100 percent free. In terms of what can change their life the most, education – whether it’s free or paid-for – should be at the top of everyone’s list. Sure, everybody wants the latest gadget, smartphone, TV, fashionable accessory, but dare to rise above our materialistic society and show the people you truly care about something that is far more important and lasting, the gift of knowledge.
Gift #2: TIMalerts
My original stock market newsletter “TIMalerts” is $49.95/month and with it you get access to my real-time stock trading alerts (I’m up nearly 175 percent in 2014, my best year ever), daily watchlists, market commentary each and every day, a chatroom with 500+ traders and most importantly, my video lesson library that now has 2,300+ video lessons on everything you could ever wonder about the stock market and more specifically, penny stocks, which are my specialty. I already have a few millionaire students, but I want many thousands more and to get there you need to study your butts off! Boohoo, more education, I know, I know, I’m a party pooper, but my idea of a great party is with friends and family sipping cocktails at sunset on the Amalfi Coast in Italy, and it takes money and knowledge to get there!
Gift #3: Udemy
Udemy has over 20,000 courses taught by professionals and experts in all sorts of fields like music, computer coding, art, literally anything you can think of.
I know my list of three educational websites is not what you were expecting, but I think education is the single most lacking and underutilized tool in the world today and giving its gift to others during the holidays can only help them learn new skills, expand their knowledge base, help them earn more money from these skills & live better, more self-sufficient lives. Hopefully I can help you realize the Internet revolutionizes education and will truly change our society as more and more people embrace it.
Things I Liked:

1. The U. S. stock market keeps hitting new highs every day. Embrace the bull market!

2. With multiple police controversies now, many US citizens are protesting, mostly peacefully, which is our right.

3. I love the holiday season, from the music to the marketing to the family feasts that make me fat!

There are so many well-reviewed movies out right now, The Theory Of Everything, Gone Girl, Birdman and now Wild – I have a lot of catching up to do!
My New York Knicks stink, my New York Giants stink, my Notre Dame football stinks and my UConn men’s basketball team stinks. It’s rough for me right now.
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