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Timothy Sykes: 3 new technologies to watch

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Technology will always be thrusting us forward, but as always there are risks to our ferocious advancement. Below are three new technologies to keep an eye on:

Technology #1: Virtual reality

Virtual reality has been on the cusp of breaking out and going mainstream for what feels like decades, but it just has never truly been a breakthrough. Despite its hype and promise, its advancement has mainly been relegated to video games and other entertainment applications. With Facebook spending $2 billion to purchase a small virtual reality startup Oculus and their groundbreaking Rift virtual reality device perhaps now is this technology’s time to shine. A consumer version of the Rift isn’t expected for several months, but everyone who has tried it has been enamored with it so keep watch in 2016 and especially 2017 as virtual reality will finally attempt to fulfill its promise.

Technology #2: Drones

The military has been using drones to carry out reconnaissance missions and even attacks without having to risk loss of life for our brave soldiers and more recently the video and entertainment worlds have embraced footage shot by drones to show new angles, but in the coming years drone delivery will change the lives of regular people every day. Google and Amazon have each initiated programs to develop drone delivery and while this faces regulatory and governmental issues galore, the need for fast, cheap and efficient delivery should make this burgeoning industry into a necessity in the coming years.

Technology #3: Hyperloop

Elon Musk wins the award for most innovative person of the past decade with his projects like Tesla (electric vehicles and batteries), SpaceX (private space exploration), SolarCity (solar power) pushing the boundaries on new technologies, but his latest vision to transport cargo and eventually humans across vast distances at 600-760mph is the most far-fetched yet meaningful and important. Several companies have already sprouted up to try to tackle this new technology and if all goes well, we might see Hyperloop delivery tubes built from LA to Las Vegas in the next decade or so, thus revolutionizing the transportation industry forever.

Things I Liked:

1.The new Fifty Shades of Grey movie was actually pretty funny and far better than I expected it would be, go see it!

2.I liked The Grammys this year because I was determined not to watch it and I followed through, thus saving me from having to endure this terrible awards show.

3.Apple is prepping an electric car, a win for environmentalists and innovation enthusiasts everywhere!


New England was hit with more blizzards…boy am I glad I got wealthy enough to move down to Miami and avoid all the snow!


More shootings in Europe, c’mon people, when are we going to learn violence is never the answer!

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