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Timothy Sykes: My 3 New Year’s resolutions

Timothy Sykes
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This was my most successful year as a stock trader and teacher, but I always strive to be better. Here are my three New Year’s resolutions for 2015:

Resolution #1: Be healthier
In the past 12 months, my business reached new heights, I started a new serious relationship and the press started hounding me daily after my second millionaire student went viral on Fox & CNN. While all of that was going on, I was still determined to indulge in my passion for exotic travel. Through all of this, my health declined severely as I didn’t make enough time for cardio or working out. Given that I gained nearly 50 pounds in the past year, I joke around that I’m a less funny Jonah Hill, but I must take my health much more seriously in 2015 as no amount of personal and business success means much if I’m not around to enjoy it all.
Resolution #2: Give back more to the community
With everything I have going on, I learned time is a very precious commodity and because of that my community involvement has suffered. I’ve always donated my time and money in the past to worthy causes and in the past year I got too busy and forgot about my responsibilities. But I’m already making up for it.
In the past week, I sponsored a Make-A-Wish Foundation wish for a young basketball fan and surprised him with season tickets, courtside seats and a shopping spree and I also dressed up as Hanukkah Harry to deliver toys and presents to 100+ kids at my local Boys & Girls Club. A good start to making up for lost time, but in 2015 I must be more diligent as I love giving back to those less fortunate and those of us who are blessed to enjoy success must do what we can to help our communities.
Resolution #3: Cherish my friends
Besides gaining too much weight and ignoring my community, I didn’t place enough importance on my friendships with several of my best friends. I don’t know how adults do it, but as I’ve gotten older, it’s become tougher and tougher to keep up with my friends. In 2015, this will change as I truly miss them and the good times we’ve had together.
Long story short, I’ve had a ton of success in the past year, but I’ve done a poor job at managing my time, health and several important relationships. This was the easiest and quickest article I’ve ever written because I know exactly what I must do in The New Year. Do you? Make a list and get to it!
Things I Liked:
1.The new Dr. Evil video mocking North Korea & the entire hacker situation, good job Saturday Night Live!
2.Tom Brokaw says his cancer is in remission, great news!
3.The final chapter in ‘The Hobbit’ movie trilogy I’ve heard is pretty good thankfully, the past two movies have been less than solid.
Props to Sony for placing the safety and well being of our citizens ahead of anything else in the face of hacker threats over ‘The Interview’, we’ll watch it on demand later!
Thursday Night Football “Saturday Edition” C’mon NFL you can’t come up with a better name than that, really?
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