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Tinder WILL charge you $19.99 if you’re 30+

Tinder has rolled out the update for its popular dating app and it ain’t so hot for older users.

The popular dating app, in which users simply swipe left or right (dislike or like) on profiles in hopes of finding a match, will charge users over the age of 30 a whopping $19.99 a month and as low as $4.99 a month for younger users.

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When asked to comment on the pricing Tinder responded in an email saying:

“Over the past few months, we’ve tested Tinder Plus extensively in several countries. We’ve priced Tinder Plus based on a combination of factors, including what we’ve learned through our testing, and we’ve found that these price points were adopted very well by certain age demographics. Lots of products offer differentiated price tiers by age, like Spotify does for students, for example. Tinder is no different; during our testing we’ve learned, not surprisingly, that younger users are just as excited about Tinder Plus, but are more budget constrained, and need a lower price to pull the trigger. Globally, the two most common prices for Tinder Plus are $9.99 for more developed countries and $2.99 for emerging economies.”

Since the rollout, Tinder’s star review on the app store has dropped to a single star with nearly 3909 reviewers decimating the app:

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“Previously, Tinder was one of the most used apps on my phone. Sure, it wasn’t perfect (the bots and spammers got annoying fast), but it was a fun way to kill time, have a laugh with friends, or legitimately look for a “date”. However, with the most recent update, the developers have completely ruined, in my opinion, the best online dating application.” – milewski1015

“I’ve had Tinder for a while, almost a year now, I’ve been perfectly happy with it up until today. Tinder’s newest update completely screws over its users. It limits how many people you can match with in a day and displays features that are unusable, features like a redo button incase you made an accidental swipe. Of course you can buy unlimited matches and the ability to use these features… For five dollars… A month. As in you need to pay continuously to keep the old feature of unlimited matches, and use the new features. “ – That guy playing this game

“How many people are actually going to pay this monthly subscription? Maybe 5-10% of the users? Is that really worth it?? Leave tinder how it used to be and don’t limit the likes and then go ahead and charge extra to those who want the passport and rewind feature or else tinder will lose more and more users daily and will never be the same!” – Pbizzle88

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