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To holiday health


» Eat a balanced meal with lots of vegetables before the drinking begins. This will lessen your chances of waking up with a dreadful hangover.

» Sweat out your hangover. Go to the gym. Start with some muscle moves and then move on to cardio and you will feel better.

» Lessen the hangover by drinking spirits with soda water or tonic instead of juices or soft drinks.

» Hangovers are caused by a combination of dehydration, low blood-sugar and the body struggling to detoxify the alcohol. To combat this, drink a pint of warm water with lemon juice upon waking up. Eat a protein-rich breakfast to raise blood-sugar levels and take a milk thistle supplement to help detoxification.

Fight the flu

» Eat garlic and onions for their antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

» Avoid foods containing sugar and refined carbohydrates as they weaken the immune system.

Keep fit

» A slow walk will aid digestion, so get up and go for a stroll after lunch.

» Stretch your brain in a game of Scrabble or watch a fun Christmas film.

» To keep your energy up, avoid starchy, sugary foods. Set up specific days you will focus on your fitness. Your body will feel good.