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Today in tech rumors: Google’s Smartwatch and Amazon’s video game console

This controller may soon be adding more litter to your living room. This controller may soon be adding more litter to your living room.

The gadget rumor mill is always on grind, twenty four hours a day. Somebody, somewhere, on some message board has always recently unearthed some image of something unexpected or overheard some conversation while urinating in some Silicon Valley restroom. A good percentage of this is unadulterated bull caca but a fair amount of it turns out to be unequivocally true. Let’s try to focus on the latter today as we go over some tech-based rumors.

First up, Google’s forthcoming smartwatch. It should come as no surprise to know Google is working on one of these, being as how just about every company on earth is busily whipping one up. However, until today, we didn’t have any concrete information regarding specs. A reputable Twitter leaker who goes by evleaks has stated the watch is actually being built by LG and it will feature512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal flash storage, along witha 1.65-inch IPS LCD with 280 x 280 resolution. Also, it must be noted, that is a heck of a lot more powerful than the Texas Instruments calculator watch I had in fifth grade.

Next, Amazon may be the next major company to clutter the heck out of your living room. Along with your new acquired PS4, Xbox One and Wii U you may now have an Amazon-produced game console to deal with. An image of the controller for the device has apparently leaked and it features some interesting components, including buttons which look to control the company’s streaming video service. Mum is the word as to if this console will only play disc-based titles, downloadable games or streaming titles. Our money is on the latter.

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