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Toe-to-toe with Sugar Ray

For Real Steel, boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard was tasked with both choreographing big robot-on-robot boxing matches and training Hugh Jackman to play a convincing trainer and former boxer.

But we at Metro thought he could use a real challenge: critiquing my boxing abilities. Leonard was a great sport about it. As for me? Well…

Sugar Ray Leonard: What’s your best punch?

Ned Ehrbar: Um…

SRL: Show me your guard. [Ned stands up, puts up his fists.] You’re a southpaw?

NE: No, I’m right-handed. [Ned switches position.]

SRL: Stand your regular way. OK, OK. Now jab. [Ned punches.]

No, jab. [Ned punches again.] That’s your right hand. You’re supposed to jab with your left.

NE: Oh, right. [Ned punches with his left hand. Sugar Ray laughs.]

SRL: When I say jab, I don’t want you to do this. [punches slowly] If you did that to me, I’d see it coming a mile away. I had time to go to the bathroom before that punch lands.

It’s like this. [Sugar Ray throws a quick succession of jabs.] Speed is relaxing. Speed is like… [Sugar Ray hits Ned in the gut three times.]

That’s the key. It’s having the ability to relax and just let your hands go. I mean, naturally you’re a big, strong guy…

NE: Well, I’m big.

SRL: Right. [laughs] Power comes from speed, you know what I mean? But you? You’re OK. But don’t over-think it. It’s like, visualize sneaking up on someone. That’s the movement. But then you have to keep working at it and keep working at it until it becomes natural.

That’s where the power comes in. I don’t want to overwork you and tell you too much, but the key is balance and relaxing. You’ve got pretty good form, but your intentions are too tight. You’ve got to loosen up.

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