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Tony Romo trade odds: Broncos, Browns, Jets, Bears, 49ers in play?

Tony Romo trade Broncos Browns Jets
Tony Romo has likely thrown his last pass as a member of the Dallas Cowboys.
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Tony Romo’s career in Dallas looks like it’s over as he gave an emotional press conference on Tuesday afternoon, declaring thatDak Prescott earned the right to be the Cowboys’ starting QB.

A look at the most likely places Romo gets traded to this offseason.

Cleveland Browns

The Browns will likely have the No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft. Will they elect to try and do the full rebuild yet again with a young QB and take a Deshaun Watson or DeShone Kizer, or would they finally bring in a legitimate veteran signal-caller to lead their franchise?

The Browns would be wise to go with Plan B and roll the dice with the injury-plagued Romo. This is a young team with a chest-ful of draft picks. The last thing it needs to get is younger. Bringing in a healthy, wise and wise 36-year-old QB would give the franchise the boost it’s been looking for for decades.

Odds: 6/1

San Francisco 49ers

It’s silly when you come right down to it, but there’s no way Dallas would do major business with the 49ers given all their history. The Cowboys will want to get Romo out of the NFC at all costs.

Odds: 25/1

Chicago Bears

Look for the Bears to try and make a trade for a sought-after QB this off-season. Just don’t expect it to be Romo. Chicago should push hard after native-son Jimmy Garoppolo.

Odds: 11/1

New York Jets

Because that Brett Favre experience worked out so well, right? Seriously, if the Jets can get past that it might actually be a decent landing spot for Romo. They’ve got Brandon Marshall and a stout defense. Hmmm.

Odds: 9/1

Arizona Cardinals

Ahhh … Arizona. Where all Cowboys legends are put out to pasture. The Carson Palmer era is likely over in the desert. Maybe the Cards call Jerry and Co..

Odds: 12/1

Buffalo Bills

Rex Ryan will likely be fired if the Bills don’t make the playoffs, and if Ryan leaves the Tyrod Taylor era is probably over in Western New York.

Odds: 18/1

Houston Texans

Bring in the biggest name QB available each and every offseason. Sounds like a plan!

Odds: 30/1

Denver Broncos

John Elwaymight be onto something here. He brought in 36-year-old Peyton Manning when everyone said he was done. Manning went on to re-write the individual QB record books and then win a Super Bowl in his final season. Thirty-six-year-old Tony Romo is now available.

Odds: 5/1

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