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Top Five Delightfully Terrible Horror Movies

Halloween is a holiday practically designed for horror movie fanatics, but if paralyzing yourself with fear while surrounded by friends, salty snacks, and soda doesn’t sound like the ideal way of celebrating the holiday, then fear not.

There is another way.

Sometimes it can be just as entertaining to laugh at an unimaginably bad horror film as it is to be scared by an effective one. With that in mind, we’d like to make a few suggestions for unintentionally comedic horror movies sure to have you giggling like a trick or treater on a sugar high this Halloween.

1. Troll 2
This nearly incomprehensible movie about a family terrorized by a group of vegetarian goblins who can be defeated by bologna sandwiches (actual plot) has deservedly become a cult classic with endless revival screenings and a possible sequel in the works. Believe the hype. Trash doesn’t get much more deliciously awful than this.

2. Ed Wood
The man universally accepted as the worst director of all time deserves a special spot on this list for a career dedicated to Z-movie dreck like 1955’s Bride Of The Monster. His cinematic failures have proven to last longer than many successes from his era, thanks to Wood’s charming combination of undeterred confidence, determination, and a vacuum of talent. Cardboard gravestones, flying saucers hanging from strings, transvestites, and Bela Lugosi. Ed Wood movies have it all.

3. Carny
This direct to DVD circus-demon-on-the-run horror movie may have only been released last year, but earned a spot on the list for its laughable CGI, brutal dialogue (“Mister, you told me that monster was safe.”), and a career worst performance from Lou Diamond Philips. There might not be a cult audience for this cinematic toilet just yet, but give it time.

4. Killer Clowns From Outerspace
The title says it all. It’s impossible to have a bad time watching this.

5. Troma
Finally, if you can’t decide on a specific terrible title, you can’t go wrong with anything from schlock-master Lloyd Kaufman’s trash factory, Troma Entertainment. Everything this company has released would fit the bill from The Toxic Avenger to Killer Condom, or even the South Park creators’ film debut, Cannibal: The Musical. No one has more fun lowering the bar than Uncle Lloyd.

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