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Top five viral videos for the week of October 21

You know it’s Friday afternoon when you are trawling YouTube for funny videos. Well look no further, as Metro has you covered with the top five YouTube video’s of the week.

Morning TV, you’ve got to love it! Clearly not everyone at Fox 17 is a morning person — especially one of the camera men, who cuts off the weather report mid-update. But don’t worry, anonymous camera guy! The anchorman looks half asleep too! (Maybe a group date to the coffee machine is in order next time?)

Talk about freaky! Our second video of the week happened to predict Muammar Gaddafi’s death 24 years before it happened. Although it comes in the form of the completely-unfunny ’80s sitcom “Second Chance” (which starred a young Matthew Perry) you’ve got to hand it to them, it was an incredible prediction none the less:

For those of you with an uneasy stomach, this is not the video for you! We don’t know what would ever provoke someone to eat a live scorpion, but this guy seems to think it was a good idea. From the second he asks for medical advice from resident ‘specialist’ Dr. Bull (a.k.a a random friend who was watching from the couch) who replied with a simple shrug of the shoulders, it’s all down hill from there. Truly cringe-worthy!

Who doesn’t love penguins? They are brilliant, and even more brilliant when they are evil! BBC’s David Attenborough captures one of the smooth operators turning to a life of crime, stealing valuable rocks and sabotaging other penguins’ chances of finding a mate. It’s like the new season of “The Bachelor,” but for penguins!

Number five on the list is for all you love-ers out there! Let’s slow it down on a Friday afternoon with a mash-up of some of the Beatles’ greatest “love” hits. Nothing like a good mash-up to get you in a lovin’ mood!

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