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Top regrets of cohabitating couples

Unhappy couple It’s not easy living with a roommate — even if it is the love of your life. Credit: Colourbox

Relationships can move pretty fast, especially when you live in an expensive urban area. It’s easy enough to rationalize that if you’re spending most nights together anyway, you might as well save on rent money and move in together. If you’re still living separately, you might want to check out what 1,000 cohabitating renters told Rent.com so you can learn from their experiences.

After giving 1,000 couples a survey, Rent.com found that 27 percent moved in together after dating for less than six months. Unfortunately, most regretted it; only 7 percent would recommend that other couples move that quickly. But moving in together too fast wasn’t the No. 1 regret most cohabitants had. It was not talking about how to divide the finances before moving in together.

Talking about money may not be as fun as discussing your dream apartment and where to put the TV — but if the subject is avoided, it can be a big enough problem to ruin a relationship. Considering that 32 percent of those surveyed moved in together to cement the fact that their partner was “the one,” money shouldn’t get in the way of an otherwise blissful relationship. Talk it out, get on the same page and then live happily ever after.

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