Torch in the Big Apple – Metro US

Torch in the Big Apple

Vancouver’s Olympic Torch made a pit stop in the core of the Big Apple yesterday morning.

Premier Gordon Campbell, wearing a 2010 scarf, a pair of red mittens and holding an unlit 2010 Olympic torch, appeared on NBC’s Today Show in New York City’s famous Rockefeller Plaza.

“Ten thousand torchbearers will carry it across the country,” Campbell told Today Show hosts Matt Lauer, Meredith Vieira, Ann Curry and Al Roker.

“It goes through all the provinces, all the territories. It goes to 90 kilometres south of the North Pole.”

Roker, who was also wearing a pair of the $10 red mittens — the sale of which helps Canadian athletes with training and equipment — jibed Campbell about the fact that Canada is the only nation to host an Olympics and not win a gold medal.

“That’s changing,” said Campbell. “In fact, those mitts you’re wearing, these lovely red mitts … are going to help our athletes own the podium.”

Campbell is on his way to Olympia, Greece for the lighting of the Olympic torch on Thursday. It will arrive in Canada on Oct. 30.

The Today Show will broadcast from Grouse Mountain during the Games.