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Tories want Canadians to be vigilant on terror threat

WINNIPEG – Public Safety Minister Vic Toews is calling on all “freedom-loving Canadians” to be vigilant in the battle against terrorism.

Speaking in Winnipeg, Toews says police and other agencies need co-operation from community groups to monitor radicals who may be among their members.

Toews says there’s a growing concern about what he calls “homegrown terrorism” — people who are already in Canada becoming more radical and being influenced by material on the Internet.

Toews would not discuss anything specific about charges laid against three men in an alleged terror plot that reached from suburban Ottawa to Afghanistan, Iran, Dubai and Pakistan.

Police seized more than 50 circuit boards they say were designed to remotely detonate bombs.

Toews says Canada is not immune from terrorism, and the threat does not always come from outside the border.

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