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Toronto clinic gets on board the Bod Pod squad

If you are trying to get healthier, forget the weight scale.

A pound of fat, after all, weighs the same as a pound of muscle.

The Bod Pod is a new, space-age machine that measures body fat composition, showing the percentage of your body that is fat and the percentage that is lean.

“The weight scale can be deceiving when tracking people’s fat loss progress, rewarding those who lost water weight,” says Brendan Fox, a well-known kinesiologist and personal trainer at Medcan Clinic in Toronto.

“If you’re working out, you could be gaining muscle or bone density, yet be beating yourself up because the weight scale isn’t changing.”

The Bod Pod looks like a giant egg, which you step inside of. It works by measuring your weight, and then measuring your air volume while you are seated in the unit. It calculates body fat and resting metabolic rate, indicating how fast your body burns fat.

The Bod Pod is used in medical research at universities and hospitals. It’s also used for Olympic athletes, says Fox.

“Currently, the Medcan Clinic has the only publicly available Bod Pod in Toronto,” he adds.

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