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Toronto transit good, but Ottawa’s not bad

RE: Look to Toronto for transit system inspiration (March 30)

There are two other ways in which I think that public transit in Ottawa is superior to the transit system in Toronto.

The travel planner, for all its clunkiness, will tell me how to get from here to there. In Toronto, without a knowledge of local geography, I couldn’t figure out the best route (or any route) to get where I was going.

Signage — I planned to take a bus to a rural community. I got there early, by taxi. There was a bus stop sign, but no indication of which bus, or even which bus company stopped there. While I was walking around, trying to confirm that I was in the right place, I missed the bus.

This gave me a new appreciation of OC Transpo signs, with the company, bus numbers, and phone number all clearly indicated.

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