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Trainspotting: Get your balloon art here


Perhaps an hour and a half before Bruins forward Milan Lucic allegedly announced plans to murder Montreal Canadien Dale Weise next year, a far more whimsical display unfolded across the street from the TD Garden. There, a master twister and arranger of rubber bags filled with air was transforming a pile of yellow and black balloons into a Bruins-themed dress he hoped to vend to a lucky devotee of the B’s. Considering that their team lost, it’s doubtful Bruins fans were feeling especially ballooney by the time they passed by Mr. Balloontastic and his rainbow wares. But even if he didn’t sell anything, he got to talk to us for a while, so at least his evening wasn’t a complete wash … right?

How does one become a balloon artist?
Well, I used to be a chef, and I had back surgery. Then my wife suggested that we do a balloon decoration company when she was looking for balloon decorations and everybody was just too over priced. So we decided to start one, and it took off from there.

Do you feel like balloon artistry doesn’t get the respect it deserves?
Um…..Yes and no. A lot of people look at it like, “Oh, it’s just a balloon,” whether I’m downtown making balloons for children, or on an off day. Sometimes when I describe what I do to people, I’ll say, “Hey, I can do this out of balloons.” They say “Oh, really?” [For example] A friend and I created this about a month and a half ago. (shows us a photo from his cell phone.)

Holy shit! It’s a scale-size motorcycle made out of balloons!
And I’m sure you’re familiar with this other one.

Oh my God! It’s a balloon recreation of the Oscars selfie!
That one actually went viral.

What do you do if a balloon in a really elaborate creation like that pops?
You fix it! Everything can be fixed! Right?! Eventually.

Ever done any erotic balloons?
I’ve done a bachelorette party before. Very interesting, to say the least. I made Magic Mike the chippendale. Y’know, it was a bachelorette party, so I made strap ons and (chuckles) y’know, the whole nine.

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