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True Romance: Scarlett Johansson made out with that dude from ‘SNL’

Scarlett Johansson Colin Jost Making Out

Scarlett Johansson — a woman who thinks monogamy is for suckers — was caught making out with a dude from “Saturday Night Live” the other day. Oh my days!

The 32-year-old, who briefly starred as Ivanka Trump on the cold open for Saturday’s “SNL” finale, headed to the after party and made out with none other than “Weekend Update’s” Colin Jost. Girl, I guess.

Multiple sources confirm to Page Six that the two hit it off at the boozy post-finale celebrations. Sounds to me like a classic, get drunk and make out with whoever is closest to you sort of thing, to be honest. 

“Scarlett and Colin were making out at the bar at the ‘SNL’ season finale party at 30 Rock,” an eyewitness says. “They would make out a bit, then go back to talking. They were at the bar in front of everyone… they made out at least twice… Then they went back to talking and hanging with other people.” Yeah, sounds pretty standard to me, actually!

Another source said the pair was flirting and canoodling and can we just agree that “canoodling” is the worst word, ever?

ScarJo, of course, is in the middle of a divorce. The “Rough Night” actress separated from her husband, hot French dude Romain Dauriac, last summer. She filed for divorce earlier this year, after two years of marriage. She basically just decided that the two of them didn’t have that much in common, which I don’t know. Sure seems like something you should find out before you marry and/or procreate with a person, right?

Anyway, whether this was a one-time thing, or these two will be touching mouths for months to come, kudos! We’ve all been at an after party where the lighting is dim and romantic, and the booze is just a-flowing, and your lips come this close to someone else’s lips and you just make out. And then, some sneak who has been creeping on you goes to Page Six and tells all your business. I mean, we’ve all been there, right?

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