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Trump has another terrible, horrible, no good, very bad hair day

The wind is to blame for new Donald Trump hair photos that are making rounds on the Web today.

Yesterday, President Trump attended a roundtable discussion in West Virginia where he discussed topics such as tax law, immigration, voting fraud, China and immigration.

Just before boarding Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base in Washington, D.C to fly to his roundtable discussion, an unavoidable Trump hair malfunction occurred as he walked across the tarmac and made his way up the stairs of the presidential aircraft.

Trump’s signature comb-over caught a gust of wind and unraveled before everyone’s eyes, or at least by Getty Images staff photographers on the scene to document the president’s hair taking off.

As soon as photos of the latest Donald Trump hair disaster emerged they went viral, causing Twitter to react to the president’s mane event. 

Donald Trump hair closeup

In one of the photos, it appears that his hair sprouted wings and wanted to fly away. Trump, on the other hand, appears unbothered. While this latest hair blunder may not compare to the viral video and .GIFs from February when another gust of wind whisked the president’s hair to reveal his extreme baldness, these photos still show that his hair is no match for a strong gust of wind. Perhaps he should consider wearing a cap just to keep things under control. 

Donald Trump hair closeup


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