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Trying to keep City Centre Airport aloft

Charles Allard flew into the premier’s office yesterday with more than 20,000 signatures from Albertans living outside the city who want to keep the City Centre Airport open.

“In my mind this is a regional issue, not just a civic issue,” said Allard, chair of Envision Edmonton.

“We’ve been asking for meetings for a long time now. We thought that he should get more involved in this and so he’s going to consider some of our things that we’ve brought up and hopefully come back and adopt a few of our recommendations.”

Premier Ed Stelmach said he was pleased with the meeting and said he’d like to see a report from the Alberta Health Services on how Medevac would be affected by the closure.

“The Medevac issue is important and we want to clear the air, period,” Stelmach said. “I want to be sure because it’s important to Albertans, especially those that live in remote communities.”

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