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Tuesday gossip roundup: Who is Zooey Deschanel dating? No one

A woman is accusing Lindsay Lohan of attacking her at a party in the Standard Hotel in West Hollywood recently, but Lohan’s rep insists the troubled actress didn’t even leave her home the night in question, according to TMZ. And the Web site seems to be on Lohan’s side, for once: “We have spoken with six people at the hotel — some of whom were working on the night in question — and none of them saw Lindsay that evening,” the site reports. The woman in question claims she was assaulted by Lohan after chatting up a guy the actress had her eye on. “Lindsay was absolutely not involved in any sort of altercation whatsoever. This is clearly another case of someone looking for money and 15 minutes of fame,” Lohan’s rep, Steve Honig, says. “You have to wonder about someone who calls the media before the police.”

With a hit sitcom and a split from ex-husband Ben Gibbard keeping her busy, it should come as no surprise that Zooey Deschanel isn’t spending much time dating. “Honestly, I’m just going through a divorce, so I don’t really think that’s something I want to get into now. I don’t have time to date,” she tells Marie Clare. At least she’s not feeling any rush because of getting older: “I’m a person who gets better with practice,” she says. “Getting older is awesome — because you get more practice.”

Less than 24 hours after being arrested for driving under the influence after colliding with a cop car, Amanda Bynes and pals reportedly went back to the same bar she’d been drinking at before the incident — but this time she was denied entry, according to TMZ. Sources say the staff of the bar was aware of her arrest — and her presence there the night before — and decided against her returning. Bynes and her friends reportedly left without incident.

Miley Cyrus is striking back against critics who speculate she has an eating disorder. “For everyone calling me anorexic, I have a gluten and lactose allergy. It’s not about weight — it’s about health,” Cyrus posted on Twitter. “‘She won’t eat 2,000 calories worth of food in one sitting? She must have a problem.’ I ate today at Easter lunch but all of it was healthy and even more fulfilling! Health is happiness!” In fact, Cyrus thinks her food allergy has been a great thing — and is encouraging her fans to dump gluten. “Everyone should try no gluten for a week! The change in your skin, physical and mental health is amazing! You won’t go back,” she posted.

Kristen Wiig is playing coy with the rumors of leaving “Saturday Night Live” at the end of this season, only confirming that her contract is up this year. “Well, everyone has to leave,” she tells Alec Baldwin on his podcast. “I will say that when I do leave it’s not because I’m sick of it and not because I see something better or anything like that. It’s just that it’s time.”

Chris Evans apparently isn’t looking forward to any career retrospectives when those roll around. “At this point I’ve made a lot of films. I’ve made about 20 movies and I’m probably proud of three,” he tells Prestige magazine, explaining that what he saw as a lackluster resume was on his mind when he agreed to star in “Captain America” last year. “I had already made quite a few stinkers,” Evans says. “I couldn’t afford to make another one, let alone another one on that “scale. If you make one that big and it fails, your days are numbered.”