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Tuesday’s Walk In Her Shoes Tip: Proper Walking Form

Participating in CARE’s Walk in Her Shoes one-week challenge is a great way to get hooked on walking on a regular basis. The pedometer you receive is a great tool to keep you accountable — almost like having a trainer right there beside you. As a trainer, I have a few tips for you.

Proper walking form
Walk tall without leaning forward or backward, keep eyes forward, chin up, swinging arms comfortably. Be aware of your abdominal muscles and posture to prevent any lower back pain from occurring. Strike the ground with your heel first then roll through the step, heel then toe, finishing the step by pushing off with your toe. Avoid over striding (taking steps that are too long) to avoid potential injuries.

I challenge you to get walking today and support a great cause. Visit care.ca/walkinhershoes and sign-up for Walk in Her Shoes or make a donation to support the challenge and CARE’s work.

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