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Tumblr page filled with MBTA memes

One of our Twitter followers was nice enough to point us towards this Tumblr account that is filled with memes that make fun of the MBTA.

Now, we can’t say that the memes on mbtyay.tumblr.com are very nice, but some of them are very funny.

And the fact that someone took the time to make all of these just shows how seriously frustrated some riders must be with the services in this city.

Here is how the blog describes itself:

“When you think of the MBTA and all its glory, I inevitably enter an intense public transit trance and begin to create wondrous photoshopped works or whimsy. As I do this a tiny [Gov.] Deval Patrick, my muse, sits perched atop my shoulder, all the while whispering great slogans into my eager ear. They are recorded here.”