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Tunnel divides Ward 3, in more ways than one

While the airport tunnel seemed to be at the forefront of the Ward 3 candidates’ minds, some residents were focused on other issues.

During Thursday night’s Civic Camp citizens’ forum, all three candidates present, Helene Larocque, Jim Stevenson and Gary Tremblay, spent much of the debate discussing the tunnel.

“Certainly the tunnel is a symbolic issue,” said Larocque, adding the issue highlights the difference between the campaigns.

Both Larocque and Tremblay oppose the tunnel, while Stevenson has been a long-time proponent.

“We either spend it on the tunnel, folks, or we spend it on alternative routes,” said Stevenson.

Although the candidates focused largely on the tunnel, Ward 3 resident Deanna Stangness said she thinks there are other topics to look at.

“It is an issue, absolutely, but I don’t want it to take control of what’s going on with our election,” she said.

President of the Northern Hills Community Association Wendy Cavanagh said the ward seems to be divided when it comes to the tunnel.

“I think that’s a problem with our ward because we’re divided by the Deerfoot,” she said.

“There’s different issues on both sides.”

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